AP Word & Sound

Copywriter | Audio Engineer | Project manager | GENERAL CREATIVE

I collaborate with:

The Last City

Co-Founder | Musician | Composer | Copywriter | Audio Producer | Performer 

Narwhals & Waterfalls

 Co-Founder & Co-Owner | Project Manager | Curriculum Developer | Music Producer | Video & Music Editor

AP Word & Sound

Freelance writer | | Video and Sound Editor | Web Developer | Composer | Podcast Editor & Audio Engineer 

About Me

I’ve been writing my whole life. Whether it was for school, songs, curriculum, websites, or anything in between, I’ve always enjoyed distilling thoughts and ideas into words.

Along the way, I picked up a dozen or so other skills needed to take an idea from a barstool musing to something people can take with them and enjoy. Like the attention to detail needed to proofread a book over breakfast, build a website in the afternoon, then record, mix, and master a podcast before tucking in for the night. I wish that were an exaggeration, but the greys in my beard say otherwise.